If you only knew…

John 4:9b

Jesus replied, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.” 

We moved to the country when I was eight years old. So many of my childhood memories are from country living, and the majority of my dreams occur in the setting of our country home. Living just around the corner from my Grannie and Papa, I spent many days and nights at my grandparents house. Memories: the chickens, the cows, the garden, the early mornings, the embarrassing (to me) pink asbestos siding, the coconut cake, the dishwashing liquid bubble baths, the evening snack of popcorn & glass bottled Dr. Prpper, the half piece of gum, and so much more. 

One of most unique memories from Grannie’s house revolves around the water bucket. Sitting to the right of the kitchen sink, up on the counter, rested an old enamel pot and ladle, white with red trim (I’m still searching antique shops for a red trimmed ladle of my own). Each morning, Grannie would fill the pot with fresh water, maybe from the well, I really don’t know. 

All throughout the day, we would work and play, and whenever we needed a drink of water , to the bucket we would go. Grab the ladle, scoop up some water, and drink away! Mmmmm…refreshing. No worries or concerns for germs, we all drank from the same ladle and bucket. At my house, we had no pot or ladle. At my house, we had to use a cup! But at Grannie’s house, I loved to drink from the ladle. 

Jesus does not want you to settle for drinking out of a boring old cup. He offers living water! I love this passage of scripture: “If you only knew….” Praise God, I know! Jesus is God’s Son, and He holds the bucket. Let Him saturate you. All you have to do is ask. 

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As a former mathematics teacher and pastor's wife, I encounter many people facing difficult problems in everyday life. I desire to inspire others to push on during times of difficulty. I am a mother of two grown children, and what I lack in personal experience, I have gleaned through the experiences of others. My goal is to encourage through my "Priddy" words.

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