Big Beautiful Brown Bunyard Eyes

Proverbs 25:11

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. 

Today, I want to share some memories of my Great- Aunt Jeirenne. Now, Aunt Jeirenne had a reputation for being quite the talker, but when I think of Aunt Jeirenne three special stories come to mind. 

First of all, I cannot remember a time when Aunt Jeirenne didn’t greet me with the following phrase. Oftentimes, she would grab my chin with her hand, look me in the eyes, and proclaim, “Look at those big, beautiful, brown Bunyard eyes.”

I have done some research and over 55% of the people in the world have brown eyes. Brown, in reality, is not such a special eye color. But, to me, I have always loved my “big, beautiful, brown Bunyard eyes” because Aunt Jeirenne instilled a sense of pride in me with her words of affirmation “fitly spoken” to a young girl. 

Another memory of Aunt Jeirenne floods my mind every time I gaze upon my antique, yellow cornucopia vase. I absolutely love my vase, but that hasn’t always been the case. As an 18 year old bride-to-be, I excitedly open wedding gift after wedding gift until I reach the box from Aunt Jeirenne. Before me I find various “used” vases wrapped haphazardly in newspaper. Trying to hide my confusion and trying not to laugh at the unusual gift, I smile and offer thanks. Little did I realize, this costly cornucopia would one day become one of my most treasured decor pieces. Thank you, Aunt Jeirenne.

My final memory of Aunt Jeirenne happens to be on my wedding day. My groom stands at the front of the church awaiting my descent; my bridesmaids line up before me; Daddy and I stand outside the church awaiting our turn to enter the foyer; and, Aunt Jeirenne arrives. Some might say she’s late and others claim she’s just in the nick of time. She happily greets me with a hug, a kiss, an appreciation of my big, beautiful, brown Bunyard eyes, and we wait for her to be seated as the wedding march begins. 

As I grow older and memories grow fonder, I hope I can impact my nieces and nephews in a memorable and uplifting way. I strive to hug them and smother them with kindness every chance I get. Perhaps some day they too will pass the torch onto another generation with words fitly spoken to uplift, encourage, and instill confidence.

Aunt Jeirenne made the mundane seem extraordinary. What a gift! I still love my big, beautiful, brown Bunyard eyes. Thanks again, Aunt Jeirenne. 

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As a former mathematics teacher and pastor's wife, I encounter many people facing difficult problems in everyday life. I desire to inspire others to push on during times of difficulty. I am a mother of two grown children, and what I lack in personal experience, I have gleaned through the experiences of others. My goal is to encourage through my "Priddy" words.

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  1. There have been times where I was given stuff I didn’t like either but like you I grew an my likes have changed so I quite understand where your coming from

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