I’m so selfish.

Luke 2:17

And when they had seen it, they may known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.

A friend of mine has a young son who is eight years old. The other day he had a list numbered 1 to 20 and filled in all he wanted for Christmas. The mother, shocked by the lengthy list, said, “Son, you cannot have 20 gifts for Christmas. Perhaps three, four, or maybe five, but certainly not 20.”

The little boy began to cry. He was heartbroken by the prospect of only a few Christmas presents. The mother explained how much money it required to purchase all these gifts. She asked her son, “Do you want Mommy to work all the time?”

Upon further reflection, she sat down with her son and explained the reason Christmas is celebrated. She told him of God’s great love for mankind, and how God gave us His best gift by sending His only son, Jesus, to be born. Jesus came from heaven to earth as a newborn baby, grew to be a young boy, and then a man. He then died on the cross to pay for our sins and rose again on the third day, so we all might live forever with Him in heaven.

Often times we neglect to teach our children basic life stories. It seems that we consider the gift of Jesus as common knowledge, but so many haven’t heard. The Bible tells us in Romans, “…how shall they hear without a preacher.” (Ch. 10 vs. 14) As parents we must teach our children, so they will know.

How precious it was when my friend received a note from her young son after she told him the real reason for Christmas.

“Dear Mommy and Daddy,

All I want for Christmas is nothing. I know Christmas is not about presents. Sorry I am being selfish.”

Such wisdom and understanding from a young boy! I believe we can all learn a valuable lesson from my friend. Christmas is about Jesus. Share this good news with everyone you can. Teach the next generation of God’s greatest gift to us. Happy birthday, Jesus!

“I’m bored.” 

Waaa, waaaa, waaaa! Let’s all just sit down and have a pity party why don’t we because we are bored. We have all been guilty of using this two word phrase. I intend to show you the “error of your phrase”. 

This will be our third Thanksgiving without my mother-in-law to celebrate with us, but she is very much a part of our holiday traditions. First of all, we gather where she lived. The paint and carpet may be different, but her memory lingers still. We cook and taste the dressing just as she taught us. We invite friends and guests to join us at our table and know she would do the same. Yes, she remains a vital part of our family gathering. 

Often her words of wisdom and Godly advice flood my memory. This morning I remembered her response to the phrase, “I’m bored.” I heard her many times speak these words to children and grandchildren: 

“If you are bored, then you are ungrateful. God has given you many blessings, now go play and be thankful for what you have.” 

Wow! I never would have thought boredom could be a synonym for ungratefulness, but it makes such sense to me. I tell you the truth, if I even have the thought of being bored, I mentally correct myself and find something with which to busy myself. Lord, forgive me when I am not thankful. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says,

“Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (HCSB)

I’m thankful for my Christian heritage from childhood until now. The people God places in my life are a source of learning and encouragement. I give thanks to the Lord for all of my family. I give thanks to the Lord for salvation through Jesus and His unwavering love towards me (and all of us). I thank God for redemption when I fail. When I call, He is faithful to hear me and that amazes me. I’m thankful I can pass on what I have been taught to future generations. I’m thankful God would choose to use me. 

Give thanks today.

Show God’s love to others this Thanksgiving season and all the year through. 

Eliminate boredom with a heart filled with gratitude.