Coupon Kindness

My heart sinks. I stand at the checkout stand: list, coupons, and estimates tallied in my hand. I never knew coupons and advertisements contained fine print. 

I chose today to do my grocery shopping. Everything planned perfectly: coupons trimmed, list completed, and Triple Coupon Tuesday! As a young bride, the art of shopping for my family proves a daunting task, especially since I attend college, and my husband brings home our only source of income. 

The lady at the register never realizes just how she devastates me as she rejects my 50 cent coupons. There is a 49 cent max on Triple Coupon Tuesday, so I am forced to pay full price for multiple items upon which I expect to receive a $1.50 discount. I pay the lady, hold myself together, retreat to the safety of my car, and the tears begin to flow.

Since Piggly Wiggly’s location is just down the street from my in laws, and cell phones aren’t invented, I decide to drive by and receive sympathy and advice from my mother-in-law. Long time family friends, Marilyn and Edward, happen to be visiting when I arrive. Unable to hide my emotions, I explain my coupon fiasco. 

Edward becomes my defender and advocate. We all pile into my mother-in-law’s car and drive back to Piggly Wiggly. (Side note: my brother-in-law is the manager of this store, but off duty at this time. Perhaps this played to my favor. I may never know.) I sit in the car anxiously waiting as Edward enters the store with my receipt and 50 cent coupons in hand. Time passes slowly as I sit in the back seat, snubbing, and trying to regain my composure. 

The smile on Edward’s face offers hope as he exits the market and returns to the car. Edward awards me $15 in place of my 50 cent coupons. He is delighted. I am relieved, grateful, and amazed. This man’s kindness overwhelms me and inpresses me to share my kindnesses with others. 

Although, it has been over 25 years since this event, I will always smile when I think of Edward. I am encouraged to be an advocate for others who need a helping hand. 

2 Samuel 2:6

And now the Lord show kindness and truth unto you: and I will requite you this kindness, because you have done this thing.