My Christmas High Horse

Acts 24:15

And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men.

In this easily offended world of political correctness, many of our traditional, secular, Christmas carols have come under attack by various equal rights groups. Honestly, in my opinion, this campaign has gone too far. Certainly, we must honor one another and treat each other with kindness and respect, but tearing apart a song written decades or centuries ago by proclaiming ill intent, desecrates traditions I hold dear.

Music has long been an avenue of free speech. Listen to the lyrics of many rock, rap, or even country songs and one can easily find offensive material. Yet, I have the freedom to choose my genre of music. I have the ability to change the radio station and move on with my life without judging the preferences of others.

I patiently wait 11 months a year for the Christmas season to come around. I sing carols; I wear festive clothing; I eat my favorite comfort foods; I watch feel good movies; and, I set my radio on Christmas music. I find it disheartening to think some of my favorites might be put on a “ban” list. Most of the songs are lighthearted and written from a place of family, love, and spending time with loved ones. Certainly, some lyrics can be interpreted poorly, but can’t we just use this as a teaching moment and not take everything so seriously and critically? When it comes right down to it, these are simply songs sung one month a year. They were never intended to be an outline to define a lifestyle, just entertainment for a season.

In light of all this, I’ve actually been thinking more of the Christian Christmas carols we sing. There are many phrases that we sing and don’t really think about the meaning of the words. Take time as you are worshiping this season and think about what you are saying and give God the glory! A few of my favorite phrases follow:

…God and sinner reconciled…

Hark the Herald Angel Sings

…the thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…

O Holy Night

… when you’ve kissed your little baby, you’ve kissed the face of God…

Mary Did You Know

… The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight…

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem